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Regal Red Roses Bouquet (1)_11zon
Regal RedRoses Bouquet_11zon
Regal Red Roses Bouquet (1)_11zon
Regal Red Roses Bouquet Red Roses, Flowers_11zon
Regal Red Roses Bouquet_11zon
Reagl Red Roses_11zon
Regal Red Roses 1_11zon
Regal Read Rosess_11zon
Regal Red Roses 1_11zon (1)
Regal Classic Red Roses 14_2_11zon
Regal Classic Red Roses 17_38_11zon
Regal Classic Red Roses 20_17_11zon
Regal Red Roses Bouquet (1)_11zonRegal RedRoses Bouquet_11zonRegal Red Roses Bouquet (1)_11zonRegal Red Roses Bouquet Red Roses, Flowers_11zonRegal Red Roses Bouquet_11zonReagl Red Roses_11zonRegal Red Roses 1_11zonRegal Read Rosess_11zonRegal Red Roses 1_11zon (1)Regal Classic Red Roses 14_2_11zonRegal Classic Red Roses 17_38_11zonRegal Classic Red Roses 20_17_11zon

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Bouquet Of Red Roses

Free Same Day Delivery to selected areas in Lagos and Abuja on orders above N165,000 ($255/£210)


Entry bouquet 5 roses | ₦36,900Xsmall bouquet 10 roses | ₦72,500Small bouquet 15 roses | ₦108,500Medium bouquet 20 roses | ₦144,500Standard bouquet 25 roses | ₦180,500Standard plus bouquet 30 roses | ₦216,500Standard premium bouquet 40 roses | ₦288,500
VIP entry bouquet 60 roses |₦432,500VIP medium bouquet 80 roses |₦576,900VIP standard bouquet 100 roses |₦721,000VIP standard plus bouquet 120 roses |₦865,500VIP standard premium bouquet 150 roses |₦1,081,500VIP large bouquet 200 roses |₦1,442,000VIP executive bouquet 250 roses |₦1,802,500VIP executive plus bouquet 300 roses |₦2,163,000VIP executive premium bouquet 400 roses |₦2,884,000VIP first class bouquet 500 roses |₦3,605,000