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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order flowers and gifts for delivery in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria

For delivery of fresh flowers in Lagos, Nigeria or fresh flowers in Abuja, Nigeria:

Browse, and add your desired flowers and gifts to your cart (don't forget to change the currency to USD if you are using a Non-Naira card or Paypal). Proceed to checkout where you fill in the delivery details (include the preferred pickup/delivery date, recipient's phone number and your optional message), and pay using any of the payment methods.

We can also work to suit your budget, desired colours, flower types etc. Reach us at

For any enquiries or to amend delivery details, message on the flowers etc, feel free to reach out to us.

Payment Methods

What payment methods are available?

Online Payment Methods (Delivery fees included during checkout)

cardNaira Mastercard/Visa/Verve Cards

paypal Paypal/Other Credit Cards online (change currency to $ in product page first)

Paypal to email

Paypal Payment Address:

paypal Transfer Methods (if applicable don't forget to include delivery fees)

Bank Transfers

Bank Name: GTB


Naira Account: 0252862666

paypal Bitcoins
Wallet Address 12W9vKCcCbKFmYr9bYfbd9SqVvhyK5j4E1

Of course, we are only a call/email away should you require any assistance.


Is same day flower delivery in Lagos, Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria possible?

Yes, we usually offer same day flower delivery in Lagos, Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria However, we encourage you to order flowers and gifts as soon as possible due to traffic congestion, and to ensure we don’t run out of stock for the day.

Is a flower delivery in Lagos, Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria possible on weekends and public holidays?

Yes, delivers flowers on all days INCLUDING Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays. Can't come in? You can always buy flowers in Lagos , Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria from our online store or by phone or WhatsApp and get them delivered.

Do you deliver flowers outside Lagos, Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria e.g. Port Harcourt?

While we do not offer deliveries outside Lagos and Abuja at the moment, we can however on a case-by-case basis, make use of flights to send them to other states , subject to flight availability.

If you prefer, you can also provide a representative in Lagos or Abuja that we can deliver to, or you can engage a flight courier at the airport (we can introduce you to one) who would help fly the items to other states in Nigeria.

Why do you need the recipient's number for flower and gift orders?

When our delivery partners (typically Uber and other 3rd party delivery agents), get to the destination, they usually need to communicate with the recipient to collect the flowers and gifts , or to confirm who the recipient would prefer the driver drop the items with.

In addition, as a security precaution many offices and residences usually request that the driver put a call through to the recipient before accepting the flowers and gifts. Finally, there are sometimes issues with locating the given address and the driver sometimes needs to communicate with the recipient to clarify how to get to the address to complete the delivery.

Who do you deliver the items to?

Our flower delivery in Abuja, Nigeria and Lagos, Nigeria is typically delivered directly to the intended recipient. However, if they are unavailable for any reason (meeting, phone off, not picking their calls etc), or if they request we do so, we would deliver to their receptionist, security guard, household staff, friend or colleague at the delivery point.

What happens if the recipient doesn't pickup their phone, and there is no one to drop the flowers with at the destination?

We usually at this point communicate with the sender on phone to give an update on the situation. In the event the sender is also unreachable for any reason, we would be forced to return the items to our flower shop in Lagos, Nigeria, and Abuja, Nigeria and the sender would then be required to pick them up, or pay another delivery fee.

Due to the fact that our delivery partners are not able to wait at the destination for an email response, we usually return the flowers and gifts to our flower shop in Lagos, Nigeria and Abuja, Nigeria if the mode of communication with the sender was by email.

Due to the perishable nature of flowers and some gifts (Chocolates and Biscuits, Cakes and Cupcakes, Teddy Bears, Balloons, Wine and Champagne, Perfumes, Giftsets, Scented Candles, ), items returned to our flower shop in Abuja, Nigeria and Lagos, Nigeria would be held for a limited amount of time and might eventually wither at the buyers expense.

Why do people call Regal Flowers the best Flower Shop in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria

Why Are We Seen as the Best Flower Shop in Lagos

Why Are We Seen as the Best Flower Shop in Lagos Regal Flowers is widely recognized as the best flower shop in Lagos, Nigeria. We have the highest number of reviews and also the highest reviewed flower shop in the country across our branches. Our commitment to quality, same-day delivery, and our extensive selection of fresh flowers and gifts sets us apart. We've also had the privilege of delivering to various celebrities, including two Nigerian Presidents. Additionally, we are open 24 hours, making it convenient for you to choose and send flowers at any time.

Why Are We Seen as the Best Flower Shop in Abuja

Regal Flowers is also recognized as the best flower shop in Abuja, Nigeria. We are known for our exceptional service, high-quality flowers, and a wide range of gift options. Our reputation as the best flower shop in Abuja is backed by numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Additionally, we offer 24-hour service, making it convenient for you to shop for flowers and gifts at any time.

Why are Flowers so Expensive in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria

Flowers can be expensive in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria due to factors such as import costs, transportation, unsteady electricity, and the high cost of refrigeration. However, at Regal Flowers, we strive to offer competitive prices while ensuring the freshest and most beautiful flowers for our customers. You can read more about this on our blog: Why Are Flowers So Expensive in Nigeria?

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